The Waterway was established in 1986 and is well known throughout the southtowns of Western New York for tackling even the most difficult water problems. Whether the problem is iron, sulfur, hardness, sediment, bacteria or low output, at The Waterway we pride ourselves on prompt, courteous service. Most times when calling the office, customers are served by our full-time office staff because every call is important. All messages are returned as soon as possible.

We are proud to be one of the first companies in Western New York with a NYS DEC Well & Water Pump Certification for work on wells and water pumps. When you call the Waterway for service you can be sure you are getting a trained, skilled water well professional.

Giving you quality water is what it's all about at The Waterway. We offer free water testing and estimates in your home or in our office, whichever is best for you. From our initial testing we can usually determne what is the best water treatment plan for you and your family. If there are more serious water concerns we work with several labs to get the answers you need.

The Waterway has been in business for so long because we haven't grown too big to remember what brought us this far - Our Customers!